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Issue 20: Conservationists need perseverance (pdf: low resolution: 3.5 MB).


Issue 19: The significance of local observation (pdf: low resolution: 2.3 MB, high: 11.6 MB).


Issue 18: Communicating about plants and plant conservation (pdf: low resolution: 2.4 MB, high: 7.9 MB)


Issue 17: Evolutionary history of Seychelles plants (pdf: low resolution: 1.7 MB, high: 18.6 MB)

Issue 16: New conservation ideas (pdf: low resolution: 2.2 MB, high: 15.7 MB)


Issue 15: Our life depends on plants (pdf: low resolution: 3.2 MB, high: 10.3 MB)


Issue 14: 10 years of PCA (pdf: low resolution: 1.7 MB)

Issue 13: Herbarium project (pdf: low resolution: 2.1 MB, high: 6.4 MB)


Issue 12: International Year of Forests (pdf: low resolution: 2.2 MB, high: 8.3 MB)


Issue 11: Threats to plants (pdf: low resolution: 1.1 MB, high: 5.2 MB)

Issue 10: Lichens and ferns (pdf: low resolution: 1.7 MB, high: 7.1 MB)


Special issue for schools (pdf: low resolution: 1.4 MB, high: 12 MB)


Issue 9: Habitat restoration (pdf: low resolution: 1.7 MB, high: 7.8 MB)

Issue 8: 5 years of PCA (pdf: low resolution: 1.2 MB, high: 11.2 MB)


Issue 7: Awareness building (pdf: low resolution: 2 MB, high: 13 MB)


Issue 6: Plant-animal interactions (pdf: low resolution: 1.2 MB, high: 4.7 MB)

Issue 5: A network of plant supporters (pdf: low resolution: 1.2 MB, high: 7.9 MB)


Issue 4: Palms and pandans (pdf: low resolution: 1.3 MB, high: 6.3 MB)

Issue 3: Botany indoors and outdoors (pdf: low resolution: 1.3 MB, high: 6.5 MB)


Issue 2: National Strategy for Plant Conservation (pdf: low resolution: 1.2 MB, high: 8.4 MB)

Issue 1: Inauguration issue (pdf: low resolution: 823 kB, high: 4.1 MB)


Kapisen is the bi-annual plant conservation magazine that is jointly edited by members of the Plant Conservation Action group (PCA) and the Geobotanical Institute (ETH Zurich).

We publish short articles for a wide audience of lay-persons and experts in Seychelles and around the world interested in Seychelles plants and their conservation. The articles are written both by local and international botanists, and include topics such as plant conservation, habitat restoration, field observations, taxonomy, ecology, plant use, and educational games and activities.

Kapisen is the creole name of the endemic tree Northea hornei (Sapotaceae) that is one of the dominant native tree species in upland forests on Seychelles granitic inner islands (see Kapisen 1, March 2004, p. 2) with a unique evolutionary history (see Kapisen 17, September 2014, p. 16).

ISSN: 1659-7346


Katy Beaver, Christoph Kueffer and Eva Schumacher

All issues can be downloaded below, or from the webpages of PCA and the Geobotanical Institute.